With the increasing concerns about green living, homes and companies are looking forward to living a green life. One way to do this is to make use of green energy. The most common source of green energy is the solar systems. Solar panels convert sun energy to produce green power that can be used to power our homesteads as well as the industries. Now, if you are ready to make use of green energy, then you should consider installing solar panels Adelaide. Solar panels have different parts that you need to know of so that you can buy the right system.

Solar panels

The solar panel is the major component of the solar energy system. The solar panel is the one that converts the solar energy into electrical energy. All you need is to ensure that the solar panel is installed strategically to access direct sunlight without any blockage. Most solar panels Adelaide are mounted on the roof of the building where there are no blocking structures like trees, etc. The solar panel converts the solar energy and produces the electrical power. However, note that it does not store the energy. This means that you can only use the electrical energy during the day or whenever there is sunlight unless you install an energy storage system.

Storage devices

As mentioned above, solar panels only produce electric power but do not store the energy. This can make solar systems inefficient during the night or when it’s raining. However, if this is your worry, worry no more and consider buying solar battery systems Adelaide. With solar battery systems, the energy collected by the solar panel can be stored for later use. For example, the excess energy will be stored in the storage system and can be used at night or when there is no sunlight like the winter days. All you need is to purchase the best solar battery system for efficiency.

Power inverter

In our homes and industries, most of the devices and appliances that require electricity use the AC power. However, the solar energy is in the form of DC power, and so you need to convert the current into AC. This where the power inverters come in handy. The inverter will convert your DC electricity into AC, and you will be able to power all your appliances like the microwaves, fridge, home theatre systems, and other pieces of equipment. With this systems, you will be able to make use of solar energy effectively. Just make sure you buy quality solar energy systems.