People around the world migrate to the main cities in their country or even to other nations in search of work and better livelihood. Most of them cannot afford and are often not eligible to purchase properties in the places where they migrate. So, renting is the best and only option for them. However, before renting, you need to keep a few things in check while renting a house. They are as follows:

* The first and the most important thing a tenant must be doing before renting a home is that he or she must go through the papers carefully and if possible, try to negotiate with the landlord about the rent of the house.

* If a tenant finds something fishy with the contract, he must not be afraid to raise his voice against it

*The tenant must have some idea about the background of his landlord. If the landlord is pesky or loud, the occupant might face problems later on.

* If a tenant is renting an apartment owned by a company, he might not have a chance to negotiate with them. But he must clarify if the maintenance of the building is included in the monthly rent or not.

* The tenant must go through every nook and corner of the house and check out for any damage before moving to the new property. The tenant must also try to get the house repainted by the owner before he makes his way into the new house.

* Water is an essential need for any household. So, he must check if all the pipes and taps in the house are working properly and if fresh water is available throughout the day. He also needs to test the pressure of water in the taps

* If a tenant spots any damage in the house, he must note it down. It would be even better if he takes photographs of the damage and gets it fixed by the landlord before signing in.

* The tenant after any negotiation with the owner, must get a written note of it. He must not blindly believe the word given by the landlord.

* The tenant before signing the deal should be aware of the things that come under his maintenance and the things that do not.

The tenant cannot complain after signing the deal with the landlord. He cannot be helped even by the law governing bodies also. So, it is important that he or she spends at least a few hours going through the papers and sorting out all the issues before renting the house.

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