Most liquids in our homes, be it manufactured or natural, are bottled. After they have run out, some throw the bottles in the garbage, some burn them, some bury them, and unfortunately, only a small percentage of people recycle them. Bottle recycling is essential as it keeps our environment clean. It also helps reduce the amount of trash in our rubbish bins as bottles tend to occupy a lot of space. When these containers are recycled instead of burning, that means that there will be much less fumes in our air, hence reducing air pollution. When you burn plastic bottles, the fumes contain toxins which can be dangerous and can affect the health of the people around. Recycling Adelaide also conserves natural resources as less of the raw materials are required to recycle bottles.

Most of our bottles are made of either glass or plastic, and both of these materials take a long time to decompose, if ever. This being the case, once buried, they are pollutants and not something that can help the environment or make the soil better. They would interfere with the development of plants as they can hinder roots from spreading out as the plants’ roots reach for minerals and water.

Bottle recycling is pocket-friendly. It can help us save a lot of money. For instance, you can transform that cooking oil bottle in your home into a flower pot, hence pocketing the amount of money that you could have spent on purchasing the flower pot. You can also turn that water bottle into a cutlery holder, pen holder, soap dish, a toothbrush holder, and so much more. If you have a yard that has plants, be it flowers or trees, glass bottles are especially good for drip irrigation instead of using a hosepipe or a sprinkler to water your yard. This means that when you pay your water bill, it will be less costly.

Someone who is creative and artistic enough can start a business by transforming bottles into works of art and sell them. Recycling bottles can create employment opportunities as this is majorly done in factories. Recycling Adelaide also means fuller pockets as some plants buy the empty bottles from people with the aim of recycling them. This also helps to get rid of some of the trash in our streets and reduce the number of jobless people commuting to seek employment. Some factories recycle plastics to make things such as containers, more bottles, plastic bags, and so much more.